ACCE - Quiz

Week One: Quiz

Due: Aug 25, 2020 by 12:59am

Points: 30

This assignment is open until Aug 25, 2020 at 12:59am

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Question 1

  Networks created 2 to 3 decades ago…

  Which answer below is most correct.

       1) were based in Linux and worked well from simple to complex routing and switching

       2) were based in Unix and handled very simplistic routing and switching protocols

       3) handled all levels of switching and routing and were bug free

       4) were based on open architecture and available to all programmers

Question 2

  Competitor Product Lines with different code versions is called:

       1) Multiple Product Lines

       2) Virtual Router

       3) Silo’d Operating Systems

       4) Device Agnostic

Question 3

  The main difference between Traditional Networking and Cloud Networking is what?

       1) Open, standards-based approaches

       2) Closed but flexible architecture

       3) Managing box by box

       4) Control is limited

Question 4

  EOS stands for what?

       1) Enterprise Operating System

       2) Enterprise Operating Software

       3) Engineering Optimum Strategy

       4) Extensible Operating System

Question 5

  Arista quality comes from what three places?

       1) Architecture, Engineering, Testing

       2) Open Systems, Customers, Engineering

       3) Engineering, Open, Testing

       4) Culture, Architecture, Testing


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